MAMUT is a fashion firm founded in 2011. MAMUT was quickly entered into shoe, accesories and bag design by taking advantage of the market opportunities and to meet their personal interests in the field of creativity.

"Our job was to provide MAMUT with an identity that allows the brand to cover its overwhelming and nomadic nature, creating a gigantic visual discourse. We make a typographic Logo where the idea of 'size' plays the major role expressed through comparison. MAMUT speaks in lowercase, ignoring orthodox spelling rules and it only writes MAMUT on uppercase letters, giving the brand texts and communication a distinctive geography. The typographic pallete only handles the Arial font, despised by typographers for being a cheap version of Helvetica, and designed specialy for display, Arial gives the brand a nice quote of popularity and defiance. Each MAMUT item is unique, a one of a kind premium product, easy to spot at a single glance. each pair of shoes comes along with a specific custom-made packaging which matches each season’s style and one which cant be set apart of. This modular packaging system is designed to create larger messages than its own when combined with each other, using the concept of 'size' and repeatition once more."


Designed by Atolón de Mororoa

Country: Uruguay