Signature Series Wine

All Tomorrow's has designed Signature Series Wines, a honest and simple boxed wine. Their approach is to showcase the personality on the outer box by introducing different writing instruments, shirt sleeves and details that portray the personal touch taken when creating this wine.

"Best Buys Natural Wines is a Norwegian wine importer who sells quality wines at competitive prices. 

For the first time, Best Buys have launched a series of bag-in-box wines in the Norwegian market. The series showcases wines from a small number of carefully chosen, renowned wine makers across Europe. Signature Series wines are minimally processed; filled and packed at facilities close to source. 

The aim was to create a strong series with a classical approach to emphasize the high quality of the wine. At the same time a certain simplicity was required, to communicate the honesty of the products. The wines include no additives and are kept as natural as possible. 

The designers chose to show the personality of the wine maker through illustrations and details in these , rather than to introduce an actual signature or portrait of the person. Different writing instruments, shirt sleeves and details in the illustration technique reflects the individual, and the personal touch the wine maker has put on its wine."


Designed by All Tomorrow’s

Country: Norway

City: Oslo