Camellia Sinensis

Chez Valois creates a stunning packaging structure and graphic design system for Camellia Sinensis company, a Montreal based tea retailer considered to be experts in tea.

"Based in Montreal since 1997, Camellia Sinensis company is considered to be The tea expert. They wanted to create a packaging platform for their retail products that would represent the high quality tea leaves and freshness of their own sourced selected teas, while preserving their brand equity."

"The structural design of the box, as well as the color code and african-asian inspired patterns where created to express the art and culture of the most classic tea categories while being contemporary, and to also affirm the unique tasters-importers special aspect of their brand. The provenance, taste and appearance of each of their retail loose leaf teas are showed in great details to inform all, from newcomers trough tea experts alike."


Designed by Chez Valois

Creative Direction: Michel Valois & Sylvie Racicot
Art Direction: Michel Valois 
Structural Design: Michel Valois & Robin Kurtz 
Visual Design: Michel Valois & Simon Laliberté 
Infography: Robin Kurtz, Michel Valois & Alex Chocron

City: Montréal