MyVegies: Vegetarian Dietary Foods

Designers Nuno Dias and Tiago Castro teamed up to build the visual identity and packaging of MyVegies, a sports nutrition brand for vegetarians. The idea was to create a positive and vibrant brand with a healthier, clean and fresh look. The work included the logo concept, the packaging and some illustrative icons.

"My Vegies was founded to meet the needs of a public that has typically been disregarded by the sports nutrition industry: Vegetarians. Few Nutrition Brands develop their products thinking of Vegetarians, of the supporters of animal rights, and of environmentalists in general. MyVegies is a brand that encompasses all these interests and concerns, giving you high quality organic products, derived exclusively from vegetable sources. Our growth is based upon environmental practices that ensure the preservation of our environment and help improve the quality of life of generations to come."



Designed by SerCriativo

Logo: Nuno Dias
Packaging: Tiago Castro 
3D Art: Tiago Castro
Illustrations: Nuno Dias

Country: Portugal

City: Braga