Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. was undergoing a transformation, so the company contacted the bright minds at Relevant Studios to help. 

The redesigned packaging positions them as a premium, yet approachable tea company. To do this, Relevant Studios used recyclable canisters, lids and even bags that can be composted. The text; however, retains that premium quality, with the font being reminiscent of 1950s household products such as sugar and flour. For coloring, earthy tones were used, emphasizing the recyclable nature of Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. and the fact that the brand is as gentle on the environment as possible. 

The redesign by Relevant Studios was a success, as the packaging exudes a high-class and premium quality look, but the eco touch makes it more accessible and consumer-friendly.


Designed by Relevant Studios

Country: United States