Spot Farms

TDA_Boulder was tasked with naming, branding and design duties for Spot Farms, a family owned company that makes Human-Grade Dog Treats, free of corn, wheat, soy, animal byproduct and antibiotics. All Spot Farms products are proudly made in the USA.

"Knowing where your food comes from has become increasingly popular as of late. Unsurprisingly, this curiosity extends to our pets and the treats they consume, especially after rampant dog treat recalls over the last few years. The cause of these recalls range from bad meat to poor farming conditions, or even worse, plastics found in the treats themselves. This is where Spot farms enters the dog treat conversation, providing transparency in terms of the source and quality of the ingredients in each bag. That’s why, on every package of Spot Farms, you’ll find a map of the US along with an indication of where the ingredients come from, like family farmers in Kentucky and Indiana. Friendly icons of the ingredients adorn the packaging, along with bright colors to connote each flavor. On the back of each package, we profile a family of farmers to underscore Spot Farms’ bottom line: Human-Grade Dog Treats Brought to you by Grade-A Humans. "


Designed by TDA_Boulder

Designer: Austin O'Connor
CEO, Founder, Director of Design & Strategy: Thomas Dooley
Executive Creative Director & Partner: Jonathan Schoenberg

Country: Colorado

City: Boulder