Couva Coffee Couture

Continuing their relationship with entrepreneurs and start-ups, Family (and friends) have just completed the brand identity creation and packaging for Couva Coffee Couture, an innovative solution to keeping cafetiere coffee hotter for longer.

With a brand idea built around ‘coffee couture’ - stylish ware for your cafetiere', Emily Savage-McGlynn, the lady behind COUVA has created a whole series of bespoke design cafetiere covers; using carefully sourced fabrics, button and innovative closure combinations to match your mood or décor. All are stitched in the United Kingdom. A playful pack structure was created from engineered card to resemble a cafetiere, as it was felt to do the best job in displaying the product use and fabric designs at point of sale – with little or no marketing support Couva must sell itself off the shelf.


The product will initially be available in 3 sizes, with correspondingly scaled packaging and will be sold through selected coffee shops, kitchen and department stores.

The brand sees its unofficial launch this week (3-6 April) at the London Coffee Festival at The Old Truman Brewery in East London’s Brick Lane

Designed by Family (and Friends)

Country: United Kingdom