The Empanada Kitchen

BARDO completed The Empanada Kitchen's branding and packaging. The Empanada Kitchen is a young gastronomic company dedicated to the master work of making empanadas.

Following the spirit that characterizes it: 'Simple things done well', BARDO decided to use noble typographies to generate an impact over the competition and maintain perdurability over time.

"The sauces:  

  1. Chimi: Use it to marinade your bbq meats, pour it straight over your roast meats and veggies, add it to your stir-fries, mix with mince to make meat patties or with eggs to make omelettes. 
  2. Bagnetto: Typical from the Piedmont region of Italy. AMAZINGLY good with braised and grilled meats, drizzled over crushed boiled potatoes, and can be enjoyed on toasted bread or as a dip. 
  3. Pica oil: This infused oil matures for a month to intensify the aroma and unique flavour. Try it on eggs, pizza, grilled meats or add it to vinaigrettes, soups, and marinades."


Designed by BARDO

Country: New Zealand