Concept: Disaster Machine Pedals

Disaster Machine is a non-existent guitar effects concept brand created by Johann Vernizzi. The packaging features a un-traditional, colorful, and rock 'n' roll design.

"It all started with the brand concept. The main goal was to create a logo that would represent the brand: raw, aggressive and noisy. So, the logo is basically formed by a 'iron forged' font, held inside a chainsaw. 

The second step, was to design the products. They all have a similar base, but their size depends on the effect itself (the fuzz pedal, for instance, is the larger one). They were designed to be the most simple and resistant as possible, since guitar players will step on them with all their strength. The focus was on their unique decals. The box is made of plastic and acrylic."


Designed by Johann Vernizzi

Country: Brazil

City: São Paulo