Sugar High Open

Bob Studio has recently completed event and promotional material for the Sugar High team. The team consist of people from the fields of film making, graphic design, illustration and animation. In order to launch the team into business, they decided to created an event with ice cream, and run a football tournament: Sugar High Open.

"Key players: 13 different characters illustrated having ice cream a common element. These illustrations and all artwork created, were used in video animation as teasers for the event, invitations to the tournament players, postcard souvenirs for the guests, ice cream cones, sticks and buckets for the treats during the event, prints in cooking aprons as gifts for the winners of the tournament, shirts for the organizers, a mobile app that includes licking the mobile screen and handmade posters with colorful truffles on top. We also created a new font named «ANNA FONTANNA FONT» designed to fulfill all needs of the above applications. 

The handmade ice cream posters were printed in one color on different colored paper, and then glue was screen printed to successfully add the colorful ice cream topping."


Designed by Bob Studio

Country: Greece

City: Athens