Apptio Black Box Promotional Kit

Apptio helps companies understand and manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services. Turnstyle was enlisted to help Apptio promote their cloud-based applications and the promise that these applications can deliver greater IT transparency in just 90 days. 

"Our solution was a promotional kit employing the engineering metaphor of a "black box" to empathize with IT influencers who struggle with the frustrating opacity of IT value. The ability to look inside the black box becomes evocative of uncovering hidden IT value. The box's internal contents include a series of cards that acknowledge IT pain points and offer Apptio solutions. Additional items, such as a discovery journal and microfiber cleaning cloth, extend the visibility metaphor. A call to action prompts recipients to visit an associated microsite (designed by Wintr) for a free IT value assessment and prescription."


Designed by Turnstyle

Creative Director/Designer: Steven Watson 

Country: United States

City: Seattle