Sale in Zucca

Sale in Zucca is a cute and quaint restaurant that translates to "to be smart" in Italian. The branding, designed by Fabio Persico, is all about the details which create a very special and home feeling atmosphere. 

"Sale in Zucca is an event in which the pumpkin is the fill rouge. Colors are warm and have a taste of wet earth. Sale in Zucca is a typical italian expression that means “be smart”. 

Sale in Zucca, is a weekly appointment in one of the havens of the Tyrrhenian Sea, La Casetta (Terracina). The home-made quality of the identity emphasizes the attention of organic, natural and traditional food."


Designed by Art Director Fabio Persico 
Poster Photography Fabrizio Di Nucci 
Set Photography Silvia Mannino 
Product Producer Giulia Diana 
Set Lanificio 159
Country: United States & Italy