Xylo Eyewear

Greece based Five Eight Design Studio, was asked by their client to not only create a brand for them, but a go-to-market and funding plan as well. They created Xylo, a Mediterranean inspired brand with authenticity and locality, and funded globally on Kickstarter.

In May 2013, we were asked to create a brand for them and also marketing plan and find a way of supporting and funding this effort. We choose crowdfunding – which was successful on time and overfunded by 60% more. This project was designed with a holistic design approach, from logo to packaging and integrated marketing communications to product & service user experience with the guidelines of authenticity, locallity, handcrafted artefacts’ principles and mediterrenean identity in mind. 

The motifs decorating the pack and part of the stationary, come from Chios island and specifically the village of ”Pyrgi” – where are used as engraved wall decorations on the houses. The rectangle based ornaments, come from traditional woodpaneling techinques of Croatia. 

By combining design elements from different places around the Mediterrenean, a unified result emerged. Based on the interconnections of the cultures living by the sea. Recalling elements to their memory, we managed to create a true, original and bold brand image.


Designed by Five Eight Design Studio

Brand Design/Campaign Designer: Marios Georntamilis 
Co-Design/Campaign Designer: Nikos Athanasopoulos 
Brand Photographer: Konstantina Gorgogianni 
Cinematographer: Thomas Gkinis 

Country: Greece

City: Hermoupolis