Student: Sensi Sweets Edible Cannabis

For this special Sunday edition of The Dieline we are featuring student concepts from Cornish College of the Arts. Students designed physical packages, but they also came up with brand new product ideas for an actual client, Sensi Sweets. Wanting to prove that cannabis edibles can look great these renditions bring to life the "cannabis culture."

"Cornish College of the Arts gets creative with Sensi Sweets, an edible cannabis company from Seattle, Washington.

With recent marijuana legalization in Washington state, new packaging opportunities have opened up for designers. A few weeks ago I assigned my design class at Cornish College of the Arts the task of rebranding a real company in need of an identity and packaging make-over. While much of the cannabis-based designs currently on the market are regrettable, the situation presents a great opportunity for designers to define an emerging market. 

Not only did students design physical packages, but they also came up with brand new product ideas such as THC filled "Cake Pops" and "Sensi Suckers". The client, Sensi Sweets, was involved in critiques and design development throughout the process. At the end of six weeks, he picked his top 10, ultimately hiring Katie McGuire. You can see a preview of her work and others below.

This is proof that cannabis edibles can look great too. And if you happen to be in the Seattle area on Monday, April 28th, please stop by Cornish College of the Arts at 1000 Lenora St. between 11am and 2pm to see the Product and Packaging Final Show."


First runner-up: Katie McGuire. This was the clients favorite.

Second runner-up: Soda, lemonade and cookie packaging by Patrick Perkins, incorporating the logo pattern and image to concisely describe the flavor and potency.


Strawberry Lemonade by Callie Logan 


Top Left: Kat Curtis | Bottom Left: Sarah Patrick | Right: Alex Wallace


Left: Emanii Owens | Middle: Jamie Azimova | Top Right: Fruit Chews by Crysta Oslin | Below Right: Ella Shkurina


Top: Sensi candy by Emillesa Horwitz | Below: Individual chews and cookie packaging line by Amy Alvazian | Far Right: Lemonade by Danita Bayer


Left: Sensi Snack Mix packaging and identity design by Jeff Eidsvik | Right: Chocolate Chip Cookie. Lahmi Kim's line of graphic packaging includes large numbers to let the consumer know the percentage of THC they are consuming.


Jeremy Wickramasinghe line of cookie packaging


Left:  Joanna Wybranska | Right: Lindsey Lewers


Mekala Nava did an illustrative approach, giving the packaging a distinctly Pacific Northwest feel.

Miguel Wylengco's packaging concept incorporates standard 2x6" pre-cut labels that can easily be mass-produced and applied to the line of Sensi Sweets products.


Noelle Hoffman, suckers and resealable cookie dough container.


A simple and colorful take by Ryan Hunt 


Sensi Sweet Tea Lemonade's in a two sizes: design by Matt Bradley


Fruit Chews by Melissa Martin, incorporating a slender box design and see-through panel.


Spencer Shores line of Sensi Sweet products.


Country: United States
City: Seattle