Shamrock Farms Sour Cream & Cottage Cheese

Designed by Catapult Strategic DesignShamrock Farms has relaunched its culture line of cottage cheese and sour cream products.

"Looking for insight on updating and refreshing the line, we arrived at a design that will move the brand forward and help mold the future of other product lines. Shamrock Farms' objective has always focused on building a brand that stands out and is truly remarkable in both package design and product taste and quality. As such, we gave serious consideration to the brand's position and what it stands for. 

Shamrock Farms is the hometown dairy to the state of Arizona and has grown into a national brand through its single-serve milk and ESL (Extended Shelf Life) products. It culture products have remained local and highly regarded throughout its proud history. Roxie the cow is the face and personality of Shamrock Farms. Her fun and engaging personality garners repeat and long-term loyal consumers. With that in mind, we presented an idea that leveraged her as the primary design element of the new packaging. By taking this approach, we were able to simplify the front display panel and develop a stronger hierarchy of design elements. This translated well to the retail environment which is dominated by a multitude of brands, each displaying some type of color stripe band, type, and brand logo. Going against the design convention, we introduced a package that not only looks great on the shelf, but modernizes a dairy category that does not typically get a lot of branding attention."


Designed by Catapult Strategic Design 
Creative Director: Brad Ghormley 
Art Director/Designer: Andrew Harrison
Country: Arizona