The Jolly Hog

"Once upon a time there were three brothers; an International rugby player, a cabinet maker and a ship broker. They loved eating pork so much they decided to create their own porky delights, ‘The Jolly Hog’, a range of succulent sausages celebrated by renowned chef Michel Roux junior."

2013 was to mark a new chapter in the brand story as BrandMe was commissioned to come up with a branded proposition and visual identity to take the brand into multiples. The brand livery was to reflect the brand’s big quirky, family friendly personality together with big flavors. The identity was to reflect a wholesome and unadulterated ‘freedom food’ proposition, packed with honest ingredients, strong flavors and a down to earth sense of fun to delight the whole family.


Designed by BrandMe

Senior Designer: Kendrah Hawley 
Creative Director: Steve Booth

Country: United Kingdom