GRAYL Water Filtration Cup

GRAYL’s innovative Water Filtration Cup works like a coffee press with G3+ filter media technology (originally developed for NASA) to remove chemicals, heavy metals and germs. 

Turnstyle drew inspiration from the cup's elegant and minimal design to create a cylindrical package system evocative of the product itself. The cup's iconic seal between inner cylinder and outer cylinder is echoed in the colored reveal between the package body and lid.

Minimal, typographic adornment set at an angle focuses on the technology and invites interaction with the package. A limited color palette denotes purity, creates a unified look that assists in shelf blocking, and functions as a component coding system between cup, filter, and purifier. An uncoated matte finish further denotes purity and contrasts with the stainless material of the product inside.


Designed by Turnstyle

Creative Director: Steven Watson 

Designer: Supisa Watanasansanee 

City: Seattle