Pizza Vinoteca

The founder of Pizza Vinoteca had a vision to create a fast-casual restaurant and take-out destination that would redefine casual dining in New York City. He hired Memo NY to create that vision. Memo NY's goal was to create a highly designed dining destination where the best of fine dining (high quality ingredients, 4-star preparations, and top notch service) was available at a great price in a technology-enhanced environment.

"Our work dovetailed closely with that of project architect James Biber to create a harmonious, completely branded environment. The black and white stripes of the brand logo and restaurant interior are reminiscent of both bar codes and the wonderful black and white striped churches found throughout Italy. They also provide a bold, unifying element on the brand packaging and IT components.

The custom app for iPad ordering was the most exciting and challenging aspect of this project since it presented an odd dichotomy. It offered the guest speed and control but removed the human interaction of a well trained server. Ultimately, our design approach was to emulate and enhance the flow of typical guest experience: get them to order drinks as soon as possible, to start with a plate or two to share, and pace the remainder of their meal as they like. The brand stripes provided consistency and an organized navigation while lush, cookbook-quality images provide an enticing addition to the ultra-modern look and feel."



Designed by Memo NY

Country: United States

City: New York