Student: Cícero - Flavors of the World

Designed with the idea of eating good, these Sardines are a collection of different world flavors which can be portrayed within each design. This concept is designed by Cátia Oliveira, a graphic design student from The Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave in Portugal.

"This project was developed on an academic environment and it consists of three packages for a food product chosen by me. 

I chose the brand of canned sardines Cícero, and then I've created a collection of different world gastronomies called "World Flavors". The gamma was composed by the spiciness of the Mexican Chili Pepper, Sardines In Hot Sauce, the sweet-and-sour of China and Japan, Sardines in Soy Oil, and the freshness of Greece, Sardines in Fine Herbs. This edition intents to enhance the variety of cultural flavors, as well the culture itself."


Designed by Cátia Oliveira
Country: Portugal
City: Barcelos