Crochet Wine

Crochet is a home-made wine by Susana Esteban and Sandra Tavaras. The two wine makers who share a passion for the Douro Valley wine have appointed Rita Rivotti to design a delicate package showcasing the intricate technique of crocheting. 

"Crochet is a wine made at four hands that shows the wilderness and monumentality of the Douro valley. Made by Susana Esteban and Sandra Tavares, two old friends and fellow winemakers that share the same passion and vision of the Douro valley wines. A wine made by two winemakers that gathered their Douro experience of several harvests to make this unique wine." 

Concept & Naming 
Crochet is a kind of knitting that became characteristic from Portugal, so we thought that it was great to put two women together to do… Crochet. 

We wanted the logo to transmit the movement of the hand when someone is crocheting. Technically, the terminals of the letters are thick enough to support the emboss. 

Label Illustration 
The illustration reassembles typical embroidery and the printing method was specifically developed to this label. 

The drawing of the label was redesigned in a way that it could be cut in the box, developing a new language to the portuguese wines.


Designed by Rita Rivotti — Wine Branding & Design 
Art Direction: Rita Rivotti 
Designer: João Miranda
Client: Esteban e Tavares Vinho Lda.
Country: Portugal
City: Lisbon