Food Packaging for JetKonnect Airlines

Isn't this some of the best in-flight food packaging you have ever seen?! JetKonnect, India's leading domestic airline hired Grandmother to revamp their in flight food experience:

"We believe that food connects people. JetKonnect invites you to enjoy our handpicked selection of your favorite culinary pleasures, presented through a selection of never-before stories, from sinful cookies to spicy samosas, designed for those who love food. 

Each packaging has a quirky character and a fictional story of love for food, gives you the in-flight food experience."


Designed by Grandmother

Creative Director: Kurnal Rawat 

Designers: Dnyanesh Gadge, Unnati Mehta, Prajwal Mendon 

Copywriting: Karishma Dorai 

City: Mumbai

Country: India