YesNo Self-tests

YesNo is a new series of self-tests that give consumers the possibility to independently check their physical health within areas such as Diet & Health, Allergy & Infection, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Fertility. Spinn Action Marketing created a package design system with a careful balance of bold design with credibility.

"The overall goal of the packaging design for YesNo self-tests was to signal a competent but easily accessible product – i.e. balancing the fine line between appealing and credible. Being completely new on the market we also wanted, and needed, to create a design that really stood out in any drugstore shelf.
The result combines a clear and strict form with very strong colors. Each of the four product categories has been given a general color that varies for every product. A clear typeface in combination with informative pictograms is used to highlight the knowledge and skills embedded in the brand YesNo."


Designed by Spinn Action Marketing

Country: Sweden

City: Stockholm