Ricky's Lucky Nuts

Denver based LRXD got lucky. They recently completed a successful redesign for Ricky's Lucky Nuts. After the new packaging rolled out, the company immediately saw an increase in orders. 

At this very moment, you’re looking at a nut like no other. What gives us the audacity to say that? Well, Ricky’s took some of the world’s best flavors — chipotle, coffee, curry, chai and coarse black pepper — the sweet, salty and spicy tastes people love. And they, quite honestly, lucked into a process that lovingly bonds that flavor right onto the nut. Instead of something candied or dusty, Ricky’s Roasted-On process creates amazing little, flavor-packed Lucky Nuggets™ that make your mouth go “Wow.” The sensation is a bang, not a whimper, with a fully craveable extra-crunchy crunchiness you might just have the audacity to demand every day. The packaging conveys Ricky’s extra special story. So grab a bag, and let us share our luck with you.


Designed by LRXD
Creative Director: Kelly Reedy
Copywriter: Eric Kiker
Designer: Brian Son
Photographer: Rick Souders
Country: United States
City: Denver