Franciscan Well - Irish Craft Beer

When the Franciscan Well brewery was purchased by Molson Coors in 2013, Dublin based Acorn was tasked with redesigning the brand to bring it to a wider audience.

"The Franciscan Well brewery stands on the site of a 11th century Franciscan monastery within Cork city. The brewery was purchased by Molson Coors in 2013 who were keen to develop the existing brand and bring Franciscan Well to a wider audience – Ireland and the UK initially with the US to follow. The brewery has combined modern technology with old age tradition.

The design execution unifies the previous 4-element logo into a single definitive expression of the brand. The full integration of the friar character into the logo delivers a singular “read” of the brand-title."

"The font has been evolved into a less cursive script; it retains a sense of “period” while bringing a greater readability and visual clarity to the text. Some ascenders and decenders of the type have been manipulated to match their equivalents on the below/above line which mimics the thought and time involved with craft brewing.

Individual beer types within the range have typographic identities of their own which work in harmony with the primary brand mark. The bottle labels are spot varnished front and rear and include a metalised brewery founder signature.

Each design element anchors itself in the provenance, heritage and brewing legacy of Franciscan Well. By reflecting these elements the reassurance of a centuries-old experience in the art of brewing is strongly and visibly communicated. Each execution fully expresses these brand attributes while delivering them with a contemporary clarity that rewards the consumer with both eye appeal and a forthright sense of quality."


Designed by: Tom Bourke @ Acorn

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin