Family (and friends) had recently helped TruVibe, a new brand of raw and organic superfood offerings, get to market with the aim of encouraging a wider, more mainstream audience to trail the category. The TruVibe brand is focused on creating positive energy and building vibrant mind, body and spiritual health through great nourishment.

“We are encouraging people to think before they choose their food path –because the cycle of great health starts with positive energetic vibes towards what you eat.”

- Jason Dekker, Co-Founder, TruVibe Organics


“Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels. An ounce of what your body really wants is worth more than 100 pounds of what you don't want both in food and in life!” 

- Jason Dekker, Co-Founder, TruVibe Organics

The key challenge to success was finding a visual and verbal language that captured the
TruVibe essence in a bold and joyful way to cut across the plethora of worthy and functionally
focused competitors.

Designed by Family (and friends)

Country: United Kingdom

City: London