Atlantic Farms - Hops Based Lip Balms

Atlantic Farms is a creative endeavor by Matt Gorton and Mathew Sabatino, the founders of CXXVI and Barnaby Black clothing lines. 

"We set out to create all natural, hops based lip balms using certified organic ingredients and of course centering their focus on hops. 

As avid beer lovers and more so, lovers of the deep citrus, resinous and all around exotic spiciness of the hops flowers, we started growing hops vines in our gardens and what turned out to be a hobby soon flourished into an idea to impart the qualities of hops, we loved so much, beyond just beer making. We wanted to create a unique and flavorful lip balm, as well a nourishing and healthy one, that also mixed familiar flavours like peppermint and pink grapefruit, for our customers. We strive for a connection with our heritage and to our land and by doing the things we love and right in our backyards we achieve just that."


Designed by Matt Gorton

Country: United States