Black Grape Society

Designed by ONE DESIGN, Black Grape Society needed to attract and engage with their consumers on a level which encourages purchase of a premium-level wine. This is how Black Grape Society was born, as a fictional wine society, rich with ceremonies and rituals to uphold the secret knowledge required to produce the finest pinot noir in the world. 

"Every element illustrated in the crest is symbolic of certain aspects ascertaining to the brand story and winemaking process, despite many being shrouded in mystery.  The founders initials adorn all material, a continual reminder of the origins of the brand. The label shape is an upside-down wine glass, symbolic of the ritual performed by the Black Grape Society - upon finishing the glass is upturned. The back labels present the tasting notes in a novel format, diagrammatically depicting the Black Grape Society’s science of winemaking. Heavy uncoated stock, and letterpress-style debossing is a nod back to historical wine labelling. The cues are premium with touch of gold, used with restraint."


Designed by ONE DESIGN

Banquet Photography: Mara Sommer Photography 

Banquet Styling & Props: Katie Lockhart Studio 

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland