Trio Card Game

Trio is a brand new independent card game designed by UK based creative agency Hype & Slippers.

Loosely based on the traditional Finnish card game of Paskahousu, Trio is a game of both strategy and luck (with an exciting "blind" twist towards the end of the game).

Hype & Slippers set out to create an identity and feel for the game cards that bridged the gap between the fun, arguably commonplace look of many family-friendly games on the market and a more design-focused, stylised direction in order to appeal to a wider audience.


Choosing a bold, 3-colour palette, the box and game cards exhibit a heavily branded feel that is consistent and confident. Opposing this heavily stylised feel are a family of quirky, diverse characters that represent each of the games four "special cards." The style of these characters was carefully considered in order to appeal to a wide range of players, purposefully avoiding anything too childish, yet still appealing to younger players.

Trio is currently available in the UK via Amazon:


Designed by Hype & Slippers

Country: United Kingdom