Vertty has reinvented the concept of the beach towel, carrying the sophistication of the city to the casual setting of the beach. Each model consist of 8 triangles in different colors tones and if combined can create a large towel - just like a puzzle.

Portuguese Designer, Frederico Cardoso, was assigned with the task of branding and packaging the product.

Vertty box is a triangle shaped box with a pattern of related geometric shapes in eight different colors. Each box is handmade by ‘pressed cardboard’ and not the common ‘corrugated cardboard’. Each box also has an individual black drawer made by paperboard (also on a triangular shape) that closes by magnet with the exterior box cover. When you open the Vertty cover for the first time, you will be able to read ‘Now our story begins’.
The exterior of the box is covered with a sand-texture polishing giving customers the feeling of being in the beach.

Designed by Frederico Cardoso

Country: Portugal

City: Lisbon