Bar Humbug

Inspired by their studio location, on Ebenezer Street - Designers Anonymous created a seasonal gift based on Ebenezer Scrooge's infamous rejection of all things festive. They resolved to turn "Bah, Humbug" into a seasonal gift of Bar Humbug. 

"We briefed a distillery to concoct mint humbug infused with vodka and looked forward to the first tasting session. Our reaction 'That’s the spirit', became a message on the 50ml bottle. 'What the Dickens can we write on the card?' we thought. A dip into the classic Christmas Carol provided the answer."

Designed by Designers Anonymous
City: London
Country: UK

Creative Directors : Darren Barber, Christian Eager
Designers : Darren Barber, Christian Eager, Chris Cobb
Copywriters : Darren Barber, Christian Eager, Howard Fletcher, Chris Cobb