Student: Northernmost Cognac

Northernmost is the outcome of an eight week visual research project on cognac done by student Marius Sunde at Westerdals School of Communication. The intention of the project was to gain a deeper insight to both the product itself, but also the visual language of the category. 

"Northernmost is stored on sessile oak on the northwest coast of Norway, on barrels made out of wood from the northernmost occurrence of oak in the world. The bottle itself takes inspiration from the mountainous landscape of Norway's northwest coast. 

In regards to the actual design, the objective was to challenge the well established paradigm of the category, letting scandinavian minimalism be the main inspiration."


Created at Westerdals School of Communication, Fall of 2013.

Designed by Marius Sunde

School: Westerdals School of Communication

Country: Norway

City: Oslo