One Acre Tea

Design agency Mayday London has today unveiled beautiful new packaging designs to launch a range of handpicked artisan teas from Africa, called One Acre for independent drinks specialist CAFÉDIRECT.

Mayday were responsible for the brand positioning, naming and packaging design for One Acre, which reflects the individual small tea gardens in Africa where these artisan teas have been grown for generations, on land no bigger than one acre. 

"We have worked extensively with quality food and drinks producers for the last decade, so we were really pleased to work with CAFÉDIRECT on such an exciting project. With One Acre we have chosen to emphasise the small producer provenance with a direct and memorable name and carefully crafted copy. The beautiful illustrations used provide a narrative for the growers’ stories, that is set against the natural landscapes of the teagardens and reflects the care and craftsmanship involved in producing these exceptional teas."

- Barry Gillibrand, Mayday

Using a fresh, bold color palette, the designs feature intricate, hand-drawn illustrations by Kate Forester and beautifully crafted product stories that tell the story of each particular variant, from the small holding where the leaf is grown to the delicate taste of the freshly brewed cuppa. 


The existing range of CAFÉDIRECT teas available already in UK supermarkets has also been redesigned to keep pace with consumer expectations and a new Mayday designed Gold Tea variant will also be launched this month. 

Mayday were appointed in August 2012 and have worked with CAFÉDIRECT for 6 months. They have created individual award winning packaging design and branding for a number of independent food and drink specialists including RDA, Clearspring, Womersley and Fortnum and Mason. 

"We are delighted to be releasing One Acre under the CAFEDIRECT brand. Mayday have created a beautiful range for us with One Acre, with stunning pack designs that perfectly capture the character of each of these artisan teas. From the uplifting Ugandan Ruwenzori Mountains tea to the full-bodied Kenyan tea and the wonderfully zesty Rwandan tea our small teagarden producers will now have a compelling presence on shelf in UK supermarkets. Mayday’s designs underline our commitment to getting the best possible deal for small passionate, independent growers around the world."

- Nicola Pearson, Cafedirect’s Commercial Director

Designed by Mayday

Country: United Kingdom

City: London