Nuáre is a new brand developed by Premio Group which delivers coffee goods. Anton Kostenko was commissioned to develop the brand identity for Nuáre including package, stationery, presenter kit, website etc. 

The inspiration for the identity was brought by the name Nuáre  – which is a combination of two words: (fr.) NOIR — black and (lat.) AURA — waft, breeze blowing or invisible energy. 

With bold colors and a sleek design, Nuáre packaging feels like a luxury item that every coffee connoisseur will enjoy. 

Today’s world becomes more dynamic and exacting. However, there is something worth putting aside our urgent matters. It’s a cup of tasty, aromatic coffee. Once you touch a drop, bustle and problems vanish and the feeling of the freedom emerges. We enjoy the flavour, after all, it comprises the main value of the coffee.

Due to the wonderful flavor, every Nuáre drink is really precious. The name Nuáre is also special. It comprises the heart of the coffee secret – dark bean – infolded in romantic aura. Only selected berries, gathered by the careful hands of the hereditary experts, are used for the Nuáre blends. Coffee is roasted and packed only in small quantities. This allows to remain the perfect flavour and aroma as long as possible. Nuáre blends are developed from the Italian coffee experts receipts, that’s why every bland has its unique qualities. Nuáre coffee was created for you to choose the best.

Designed by Anton Kostenko 
Product Name: Neat Name

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev