Baron Fig

Baron Fig was started by a small group of thinkers that love to sit down with a notebook and give birth to interesting thoughts and ideas. Notebooks on the shelves today fail to deliver on several fronts. There are some that have become exceedingly corporate, causing these tools to be disconnected from the people that are using them, and others that simply don’t work: they are bulky, don’t lay flat, or have pages that rip out of spiral bindings.

"We feel that the books available aren’t right for what we do on a daily basis, so we're creating something different."

Designed by Joey Cofone and Adam Kornfield, the outer package design was based on simplicity and utility. The boxes have a clear illustration on the cover that lets the viewer know what kind of book is inside—Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid.

"We're a web-only startup (not distributing via wholesale/retail), so the boxes are thick to protect the book as it travels in the mail."