001 Skincare

001 Skincare is a British luxury skincare brand founded by Ada Ooi, aromatherapist and beauty therapist. Fusing traditional apothecary principles and cutting edge science in bio-chemistry, Ada has created 8 hybrid products that restore equilibrium to our urban lifestyle. 

001 resonates with the visual representation of Ada's surname OOI. It also signifies the beginning of discoveries- that Equilibrium in our wellbeing can be achieved through discoveries of anything surrounding our lifestyle including arts and music etc. 

The packaging design evolves around 001's brand essence “equiHybrid (TM) for enlightened men and women.” Driven by a minimalistic look which radiates desirability, the packaging conveys two separate collections; Classic Care for everyday use and Precious Finds, a premium line that complements and enhances the Classic line. 

001 Classic Care products are packaged in amber glass containers to ensure the high-grade ingredients within are kept at their best conditions. Each label celebrates famous quotes from global characters - leaders from the worlds of literature, arts and culture - who have a profound influence to our way of thinking, which in turn we hope will inspire 001 customers each and every day they use the products.

Precious Finds is a sumptuous collection inspired by the travels of Marco Polo, as a pioneer in world travels, we celebrate his adventurous spirits and the precious finds he brought back to Europe from the East.  All products are packed in top apothecary grade Miron Glass to prevent UV light and temperature damage to the precious ingredients used. A minimal look and a selection of quotes from Marco Polo are included.

We selected emerging designer, Ryan Martin, to bring 001 thoughts and essence to life.


The Classic Care products are hand-packaged and then finished with quotes from influential historical figures. 

A good daily skin regime starts with the 001 CLASSIC CARE line. A highly efficacious, fuss-free and multifunctional line of five everyday products aid skin through its natural process to; prevent, treat, heal, nourish and replenish.

Precious Finds is the premium range of products from 001 - with a much more considered minimal aesthetic. 

A fine, sumptuous and potent intensive treatment collection, inspired by global travel and one of the greatest explorers of all times, Marco Polo. Packaged in top class Miron violet glass containers with closures to provide optimal protection against the harmful effects of light on delicate active elements in the ingredients.

Designed by Ryan Martin

Country: United Kingdom

City: London