El Gordo Bearded Reserve

El Gordo Bearded Reserve was designed for the fans who love a robust, flavorful stout. With a  limited amount being distributed this beer brings unique flavors along with a beautiful design that features a fierce luchador. 

A full-bodied stout, El Gordo has already earned a 99 percent Beer Advocate rating. The
beer combines flavors of bitter chocolate, roasted malts, rum, raspberry and vanilla.
With 13.9 percent alcohol by volume, it's Good People’s strongest beer to date.


"El Gordo was created using the same chassis as our popular winter seasonal, Fatso." - Jason Malone, co-founder of Good People"

"We first released El Gordo in July 2010 as a result of Free the Hops and their efforts in passing the Gourmet Beer Bill. The beer was designed for fans of big, robust, flavorful stouts and as a thank you to everybody who stuck it out while Alabama’s laws changed," Malone said. "We're excited to share it again on Friday with those who love it most."

“The release of this Bearded Reserve also kicks off a series of advances for the brewery,” said Michael Sellers, Good People co-founder.

“We will soon have a refreshed look on store shelves, and in more locations across the South.”

The first craft brewery in Alabama, Good People is located on 14th Street, in an area of downtown Birmingham that now also includes Railroad Park and Regions Field, home of the minor league baseball team the Birmingham Barons.

“Alabama will always be home for us, but we want to represent Alabama throughout the region,” Sellers said. “In the midst of our growth, we’ll continue to make room for new experiments in craft beer. Our Bearded Reserve marks our commitment to exploring the craft.”

Designed by: Lewis Communications
City: Nashville & Birmingham

Good People will be offering a limited number of 22 oz. bomber bottles of the 2012
release of El Gordo this winter, and the new batch will be available on draft in select
locations. Information about the beer’s availability will be posted on Good People’s
website and social media.