KEEKO Capsule

This circular disk designed by Elmar van Zyl, founder of KEEKO Capsule, minimally stores a crisp white watch. Symbolic of "the cycle of life," the shape is an important aspect to the design and can be seen consistently through the piece as the watch is even formed in such way. 


"2 years ago I set out to establish my own designer brand Keeko; Minimal everyday quality basics. One of the most meaningful aspects of starting my own brand has been having control over every aspect, most importantly packaging. If all components are designed with measured consistency you allow the user to develop an immediate connection and deliver an amazing unboxing experience. To me packaging is just as important as the product itself, the watch and packaging were designed together from the start." 

"From the beginning I designed the Keeko Capsule to be re-usable and environmentally conscious. As designers we can no longer sit back and accept packaging which suits no other purpose than to ‘pack’. I’ve become increasingly concerned by the extravagantly wasteful packaging turning up on our shelves. We have a responsibility to consider second life packaging that customers have a reason to keep and re-use. If it cannot be re-usable it should at least be as little packaging as possible. The Keeko Capsule provides a minimal reusable tin with a recyclable insert."  

"Long life usability and long term relevance form the foundation of the Keeko ethos. I wanted to create a product which could be passed down for generations. One of the things that makes the Keeko watch so unique is its interchangeable bands. I’ve used the packaging to design an assembly experience, separating the two elements within the paper mould. The process of first assembling the watch is a gift to the user, from day one they understand."


Designed by KEEKO Capsule

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne