Three Kings

The festivities aren't over, UK design studio Believe in® created a special chocolate for their friends and clients. The bars are named after the original Christmas givers, the Three Kings.

"The luxury bars were made by hand in Cornwall using sustainably grown and ethically sourced cocoa. For the packaging, three shades of embossed Colorplan were overprinted in white ink, wrapped by hand over silver foil and completed with individually numbered top seals. The special sets of three bars have been sent in a white presentation box, enclosed with a double satin ribbon and a personalised gift card."


"The bars are named after the original Christmas gift givers, the Three Kings, and each one is inspired by a festive recipe from a different part of the world: 

Balthazar Dark 
Stollen Cake from Europe 
Dark chocolate with orange, raisin and almond 

Melchior Milk 
Candy Cane from North America 
Milk chocolate with caramel and peppermint 

Caspar White 
Pavlova from Australasia 
White chocolate with raspberry, strawberry and meringue"

Creative Director Blair Thomson said: 
“Everyone loves good chocolate, especially at Christmas when it’s compulsory. We enjoy sending simple pleasures to everyone who’s helped and supported us throughout the year. The entire studio gets involved, from the initial idea right through to the final production line when we put them together and mail them out.” 

“The design reflects and reinforces the quality of the product inside. The type and layout are kept simple and pure, and the end result, we hope, exudes style and confidence. It reflects the kind of work we love to produce, and delivers an experience that should surpass even the biggest tin of Quality Street.”

Chocolate by: Kernow Chocolate, St Eval, Cornwall 
Packaging created by: Believe in® 
Papers kindly supplied by: GF Smith: 
Colorplan Dark Grey, Scarlet and Sapphire, Stipple embossed — 135gsm 
Naturalis Absolute Smooth White — 160gsm 
Digital print by: Kolor Skemes 

Country: United Kingdom