Neleman Fresh Chocolate Milk

Serving up the holidays in a milk jug. Designed by Isabela Rodrigues, fresh chocolate milk is bottled in an exquisite fashion with custom type and a geometric-shaped evergreen tucked inside a cozy wooden crate. This is a great stocking stuffer or holiday host gift for those who are underage or for those just looking to get a little more calcium in their system. 


"Neleman is a wine merchant with daughters who prefer to drink chocolate milk. Because they are not of drinking age yet the idea was born to make fresh chocolate milk. 
Normally chocolate milk is a long shelf life product and heated up to be kept longer. That way it loses a lot of the flavor. For his fresh chocolate milk, Neleman was in the kitchen for months with organic dairy farm Weerribben, where production takes place, to achieve the best recipe."

"Neleman fresh chocolate milk contains twice as much cocoa as other chocolate milk and is made exclusively with Fairtrade and organic ingredients. It also contains bourbon vanilla. 
With the 
design we chose to emphasize the old-fashioned glass milk bottle and 500 ml size to add to the premium aspect."  

"With a touch of vintage from the glass bottle and a minimalistic look and feel when it comes to colour, the brown contrast of the chocolate milk works fantasticly just because of this packaging."


Designed by Isabela Rodrigues

Client: Derek Neleman

Country: Brazil