Monsieur Gordo

This is great branding. When you first look at it you aren’t sure what the company does or what they are selling- but you instantly understand what they stand for. Monsieur Gordo is a nomad craft brewery created in Madrid. To be consistent with their philosophy of movement and joy, creative director Eduardo Martínez-Gil of Lola Madrid   designed an identity built on handmade typography and objects of a simply but universal quality.


Thick black glasses, a wooden skateboard, natural envelopes, and a wax seal- this flows seamlessly into the beer bottle design, which is minimal but ornate, dark and high-contrast. The lettering is a classic calligraphy mixed with very contemporary diamond iconography.

Without even tasting it, you can tell Monsieur Gordo is dark and mysterious, flavorful and energetic, classic and modern; it is intriguing and beguiling. This is a lifestyle we all want to get a taste of.


Designed by Lola Madrid 

Client: Monsieur Gordo

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Creative Director: Eduardo Martínez-Gil 

Designer: Ausias Perez 

Illustrator: Eduardo Bertone 

Photographer: Pablo Vallejo