Fortnum & Mason Confectionary

Branding agency Design Bridge has created new confectionery packaging designs for Fortnum & Mason, one of the UK’s most iconic brands. 
Design Bridge was tasked with delivering a deeper level of storytelling, craft and wonder, the packaging reflecting the provenance of ingredients, as well as the magnificence of its store. 

The design team commissioned letterpress artist Jon Kielty at JMG Studio to re-design the glassine wrapper for the fudge range. Adding theatre and interest to the packaging, he also developed the distinctive lettering for the main sleeve, bringing the truffle boxes up to date with delicate hand-painting and incorporating a distinctive foil finish.


“For Fortnum & Mason’s core chocolate range, Handmade English, Design Bridge worked with renowned wallpaper artists Timorous Beasties. With this most quintessentially English of ranges, careful consideration was given to creating individual illustrations, each telling the story of that particular item of confectionery."

Chloe Templeman, design director at Design Bridge, said: “We looked to bring the uniqueness of each range to life with every detail – from the moment you open the box, to when you take out a chocolate, each stage unveils more of that particular story, truly delivering a sense of pleasure”.

Holly Kielty, creative director of brand language at Design Bridge, said tone of voice was key. “Careful attention was given to the tone of voice in every part of the pack, from front face, down to serving suggestion – adding a playful charm and sense of English wit that reflects the Fortnum & Mason brand.”

Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director at Fortnum & Mason commented, “The new designs breathe vibrancy into the ranges, and give each a unique new positioning, connecting with our customers in a playful and modern, but very ‘Fortnum’s’, way.”


Designed by Design Bridge

Client: Fortnum & Mason

Country: United Kingdom

City: London