Concepts We Wish Were Real

Today we take a look at 6 concepts that theme in a combination of dark and neutral colors that bring a level of sophistication. Each design mimics antique packaging giving a homemade feel for the modern market. 


Grøt - Taste of Tradition 


This line of pantry food, created by Silje Forbe, is neutrally chromatic. Minimal, the design draws inspiration through 50's Scandinavian Design with clean edges and warm colors. Cloth bags are tucked and pinned with a description.  

"Grøt has been eaten daily in Scandinavia since the dawn of day. With the knowledge, we have about food today this basic fare has the possibility to be experienced in a whole new way while still maintaining a historical and traditional importance. Silje Forbes has created a new package concept to introduce an old-fashioned Scandinavian food to the market. The packaging invites for re-use and keeps the ingredients dry and well stored. Silje is currently exhibiting as a graduate at the Design Academy Eindhoven and has a design practice in Amsterdam."

Designed by Silje Forbes Design

Country/ City: Netherlands, Amsterdam


Lumber Jack's


Lumber Jack is a case of beer perfect to bring along on your camping trip. Brown tinted bottles are labeled with adorable illustrations above a clever copy. The bottle is then wrapped in twine and sealed in a casual paper bag. An added winter accessory for your head is tagged with a kraft paper badge topped with a miniture keychain.

"Lumber Jack's is a micro-brewery based out of Colorado. Collection includes Lonely Logger Extra Dark Lager, Hungry Harvester American Pale Ale, and Brave Climber Cinnamon Apple Stout along with a few promotional extras."

Designed by Shelby Clouser

Country/ City: Germany, Berlin


Smart Organics of Origins


This futurist design seeks to make life for the everyday person a whole lot easier. Created in a capsule form, Smart Organics is customizable to fit anyone's skin type. 

"Smart Organics(SO) of Origins is an interactive packaging line that brings a new shopping and user experience to consumers. By using cutting-edge technology, Smart Organics educates and helps the consumers with their skin concerns in a whole new way. Consumers now have the ability to customize their own skin care products that best serve their urban, busy lifestyle."

Designed by Jacqueline Jiang

School: Art Center College of Design

Country: United States


Steel Nails


This Steal Nail packaging is a direct reflection of the product it houses. A rectangular tray cloaked in an army shirt opens to reveal a shield of nails lined equally side by side. The design illustrates the analogy between the strength of Steal Nails and their imperviousness to any condition in conjunction with the power of an army. 

"Student of British Higher School of Design Vlad Mikhailov has developed a package of nails. The inspiration for this work was “the Ballad of nails” Nikolai Tikhonov, where iron endurance of military people is compared to the strength of the iron nail. Hence styling uniforms on the package. This original decision, the student has created an interesting and lively way this faceless, at first glance, the product as nails."

Designed by Vlad Mikhailov

Country/City: Russia, Moscow


Leavitt & Peirce


This Whiskey Cigar Kit uses cool tones of navy and brown with "etched" illustrations to create a Wild Wild West theme. 

"This student project is a rebrand of an old tobacco shop in the Boston area. I wanted to bring the shop back to its roots and infuse some masculine sophistication. I developed the logo based off late-19th century cigar wrappers. The pattern I made as a secondary graphic is inspired by men's tweed. I used bitmaps of old photos and pops of bright colors for a bit of a modern twist on the antique."

Designed by Meredith Niles

Country/ City: United States, Chicago




“RESERVE - a pillow, filled with grain (wheat - triticum aestivum), 30x30 cm. Fabric - 100% linen of local production. 
The project proclaims the idea that this pillow can be grain reserve in case of food shortages, and provide the ability to restore species in case of a disaster. Therefore, the print provides basic biological information of this kind, namely -
triticum aestivum
Reserve pillow is organic and orthopedic product. It easily adapts to the shape of the body and provides support muscles, reduces their stress, relieves back pain, headaches and insomnia. 
For special relaxing effects, pillow can be heated in a microwave or oven."

Designed by FormaLine

Country: Ukraine