Oquendo - Supportive Coffee

Feminine flower illustrations feature on the limited edition packaging of Oquedo, a famous Spanish coffee brand. 
Designed by Oloramara Design, these romantic watercolor poppies and tulips are not only delicate and evocative but they mainly serve the purpose of increasing the awareness on breast cancer among Spanish women. 


Launched in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, these premium coffee boxes raise money for research, with 0.50 € per pack donated to the Spanish Cancer Association. Characterised by a distinctive light pink color, Oquedo packs are “dedicated to all those women around the world that have to fight against this difficult disease”.

This powerful communication goes beyond the packaging itself, with the Spanish coffee brand inviting its consumers to join the cause online at #oquendosolidario.


Designed by Oloramara Design

Client: Cafe Quendo

Country: Spain

Association: AECC