Gosciszewo Brewery – The Characters

Gosciszewo Brewery's beer has been on the polish market for over 20 years, but their packaging didn’t supply them sufficient recognition, and it didn’t build strong and consistent brand. They recently redesigned and created a new visual identification for the brand and brewery portfolio. That resulted in creating a new product line: The Characters, with characters that became the faces for each style of beer. 


"In case of Rybak, Komtur and Darz Bór we’ve created new names for the products. All labels share the same style of design, which will be continued when the new beer styles will be released to the market. Each product stands out with vivid, firm color. Thanks to the labeler change, we had a free hand to create the new label punch."

"Gosciszewo Brewery is a family business. Founded in 1991, it is the first private and craft brewery in modern history of Poland. Known by home brewing enthusiasts and inhabitants of Pomerania, it wants to expand its “impact zone” and get to the wider group of consumers."


Designed by Ostecx Créative

Client: Gosciszewo Brewery 

Country: Poland