Concepts We Wish Were Real

In celebration of Black Friday, today we are featuring 6 concept packaging designs that find inspiration in the color black. 


Just F* Good Wine


"This wine label is unlike any other ordinary wine label. It clearly differentiates itself from the rest through its provocative message. It’s wording and typography represent an authentic punk mentality that is very unconventional for ordinary wine labels. Most other seem to adhere a kind of old-fashioned visual pattern from which this design seeks to break out.
It is no secret that the aim is to provoke and therefore also catch the consumers attention. However most of all it is a radical design that gets rid of any preconceptions that wine labels must follow a certain pattern. Unlike many other pretentious wine labels this one is authentic with a simple message."

Designed by Gregorio Design


Blatter & Blatter Tobacco


"Blatter is a pipe making family business established in 1908. The business has now seen four generations over the years and the craftsmanship still goes on.

In order to bring justice to their excellent goods and services, I redesigned the brand and some
of the packaging for a more prestigious feel and a sustainable approach. This student work has been accomplished during Sylvain Allard’s pack play class at Université du Québec à Montréal."

Designed by Mario Bouthat




"The concept is a line of hair care products - shaving cream, gel for intimate hygiene and styling gel eyebrows. Descriptors is a hair on the bottle."

Designed by Mychko Yuliana




"Packaging solution for 3 beauty products destined for travelling. 

The idea was to design a packaging, which can easily change the shape to better luggage fit and can reduce with every day of the trip. A set of single use sachets for 7 days. 
Consist of: 
. 7 shampoo sachets 
. 7 shower gel sachets 
. 7 hand&body cream sachets

Patterns inspired by most common travel views: road, rain, wave, rough, peak"

Designed by Ewelina Orlowska


Rive Gauche


Rive Gauche, designed by Vina Nurina Pranata, stays true to its name with its minimal aesthetic. This fragrance kit for the home is dressed in the classic black and white duo, leaving large real estate for little to no text. The design is airy and elegant focusing on form over graphics. 

Designed by Vina Nurina Pranata


Conspiracy IPA


This IPA packaging designed by Tomas Strekowski lurks in corners of the unknown. Inspired by the "all seeing eye" and conspiracy theorists, the design is bold and graphic with an overcast of white, making the products as mysterious as it's name. 

Designed by Tomas Strekowski