Pizzicato Pizza 25th Anniversary Pizza Box

Truth be told, the first time I saw the Pizzicato 25th Anniversary graphic I thought it was an alien hand. I liked the design a lot! But I thought it was an alien hand. Then I realized the shape was a pizza wheel cutter. That makes a lot more sense. The pizza wheel is cleverly integrated between the two and the five. 


Milton Glaser said design should both inform and delight. This special edition graphic definitely checks both of those boxes. It is delightful in that it looks like an alien hand, but is actually a pizza cutter. And it is informative in the twenty-five. Well played Pizzicato.

And to make things even more delightful, Pizzicato is celebrating throughout the month of November, offering prizes to folks who take a photo with the box and post it on social media.


Designed by In-house

Country: United States

City: Portland

Designer/Photographer: Heidi Stanley 

Owner: Tracy Frankel