Jabugo Real

Food fit for a king. These cured meats, designed by Neosbrandare elegantly packaged in pure white centered around a gold stamped emblem. A product that one may haphazardly package is given the royal treatment and cared for like a piece of jewelry.  


"Jabugo Real is a brand that has existed since 1890. Created in a traditional way, a selection of the best Bellota ham and sausages. The products give you the best excuse to gather a group of friends or people to spend a good time with."

"Inspired by its own history, we have developed a new group of packages in order to transfer and trigger a more emotional experience. The process has also been carried out to the design of their new online store. 
A process that took us several months of work, in order to transfer all that is part of the essence of Jabugo Real: warmth, craft, tradition, nature and happiness."


Designed by Neosbrand

Client: Jabugo Real

Country: Spain