Grace wine, designed by Curious Design is elegant and "graceful" with a swooped down neckline accented with a dotted pearl necklace. A single line at the base of the label not only brightens the design but acts as an identifier in the series.

"Our client Cellarmaster identified a niche market of professional, wealthy, successful females within China-who are seeking a unique brand of wine. These discerning consumer have high expectations in terms of product quality, so an emphasis was placed on sourcing premium New Zealand varietals that suited their specific taste profile. They also demand a 'total experience' which stems from knowing which vines are planted, when the grapes are harvested-through to who the specific winemakers are."

"To complement the high product standards, Cellarmaster needed a brand and packaging that also reflected the lifestyle and aspirations of their clients. Of course Curious was commissioned to bring this vision to life."

"Grace was the perfect name to suit the target market-and the brandinga and bottle labeling naturally echo that sophistication and femininity. From the elegant typography, through to the silver embossed necklace and the subtle pearlised stock-every individual element has been carefully considered and crafted to provide a beautiful solution. 
We'll raise a glass to that."


Designed by Curious Design

Client: Cellarmaster

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland