Bacanha - Brasilian cocktails

Bacanha is one of the first ready to drink 100% natural cocktails. Bacanha was born in 2013 at Ipanema beach in Rio de Jeneiro, created by two young Frenchmen. Their goal was to create a cocktail mix as fresh as the ones they drank during their trip to Brazil.


Today, Bacanha offers three cocktails in a pouch. Some of the ingredients include premium vodka, cachaça, fresh juices, and sugar cane. The real innovation, however, is the pouch, which separates the liquid from the fresh fruit. 

The pouches are then frozen. This allows the flavors to remain distinct and the fruit to remain fresh. They worked with, designer, Alex Arzuman, to illustrate just how simple the process is. You defrost the pouch for 30 seconds, tear it open, and pour a fresh tropical cocktail into your glass. Now you can taste paradise at your local supermarket.


Designed by Alex Arzuman

Client: Bacanha

Country: France

City: Paris