Cardinal Points Candles

Inspired by geographical maps, Pilot & Captain have designed, Cardinal Points.  Four curated candles that are derived from specific regions of the U.S. Each candle design showcases its respective region with a prominent red san serif character and scent. The design is detailed with compass coordinates, beautifully laid out typography and is a truly clever concept and design. 


"Uncover the pine and moss of Lake Superior. Reminisce about the blossoms and
legends of Laurel Canyon. Feel the coastal breezes and ghosts of St. Augustine. Or take
in a high desert brush fire along the Rio Grande. We’ll point you in the right direction."

"Northwest (Lake Superior)
Celebrating the grandiosity of the lake and its array of earthy surroundings, Cardinal
Points’ Lake Superior suggests a fresh green and woodsy aroma, specifically
characterized by pine, sandalwood and Marjoram.
Smelling notes: Pine , Marjoram , Sandalwood"

"Southeast (St. Augustine) 
A comprehensively fresh and herbaceous base characterizes Cardinal Points’ sunny St. Augustine. The light scent features floods of orange blossom and notes of oriental citrus.
Smelling notes: Orange Blossom, Citrus, Herbaceous"

"Southwest (Rio Grande)
Quite opposite from the land itself, Cardinal Points’ Rio Grande presents as complexly
rounded and varietal. Its mesquite base scent is complimentarily peppered with notes of
blood orange and dry oak.
Smelling notes: Mesquite, Smoke, Blood orange"

"West (Laurel Canyon)
Cardinal Points’ Laurel Canyon is easily approachable, green and earthy in scent.
Inspired by vast, mountainous magnificence, this scent allows for a wash of clean, natural
Smelling notes: Grass , Rain , Cucumber"

Designed by: The Heads of State
City: Philadelphia